The Luxurious 2016 RAM Longhorn Limited

The Luxurious New 2016 Dodge RAM Longhorn Limited

In Texas we like to think everything is the largest and best. Pride is an inherited attribute we are proud of and like to let everyone know about it. It comes from the time when we stood alone against a powerful adversity and accomplished our goal. I often compare this pride to the pride and craftsmanship of the new 2016 RAM Longhorn Limited. This is the finest and most luxurious truck on the market today. We often think of a pickup truck being dusty and beat up from travel on ranch roads, hauling hay or fence post and barbed wire to wok on fences, or make a trip to the feed store for supplies. Today's modern truck still has those responsibilities and more. More means a trip to town for a movie with the family or even to a opera at the music hall with the wife dressed in her finest gown.

Luxury and Premium Leather

Having described a truck from the past let's take a look at a modern version. The 2016 RAM Longhorn Limited from Hoyte Dodge. This truck has the finest interior available. An interior that rivals the finest luxury car. When traveling, the most important feature is comfort. No one likes to arrive at their destination weary from travel even to a remote location at the back of the ranch. Start with the finest all Black Leather Interior Heated and Ventilated Front Sears and Heated Rear Seats, Premium Leather-Wrapped Heated Steering Wheel with Audio Controls available with the touch of a finger and power adjustable Memory Pedals.

Never get lost with the 8.4 NAV Uconnec? Navigation System. The finest music from the always available SiriusXM? Radio equipped with 9 Alpine? Speakers with a Subwoofer. When traveling view the country side with a Power Sunroof open to the sky for a clear view of the mountains in daylight, or watch the heavens open up at night.

Powerful and Tough

When working a truck, power under the hood is paramount. It might be pulling a trailer loaded with cattle or a boat to the lake for a weekend of camping and water sports. Available in the 2016 RAM Longhorn Limited is the powerful 3.0L EcoDiesel Engine. Economy is 29MPG Highway with up to 754 miles before refilling. 240  horsepower and 420 Lb-Ft of torque mean more power for hauling and towing. If a gasoline engine is preferred, the leader in the industry is the world famous 5.7L HEMI? V8. This famous engine does it all, delivering 1,600 pounds of payload and 9,210 ponds of towing. Hauling hay and delivering cattle are its specialty. Rough roads on the ranch or those bumpy roads become smooth with the Active-Level Four-Corner Air Suspension system with automatic load leveling and exceptional performance.

Don't take my word for it. Drive the 2016 RAM Longhorn Limited at Hoyte Dodge today. We are located at 2300 North Highway Sam Rayburn Freeway in Sherman, Texas.  Contact us by calling 866-445-8510 or visit us at the HoyteDodge website for a complete listing of current bargains on new and used truck specials. Like us on Facebook. Pin us on Pinterest or follow us on Twitter.

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